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Christmas package Special 2024

Good news! This year we have once again put together a special Christmas package for proud Haarlem companies! This package is packed with delicious Haarlem specialties and all for a price that will make everyone happy! 🎉🎁

All our curated Christmas packages from 2024!

Christmas packages with a story

Each package embraces the history of an entrepreneur and is lovingly wrapped with pride by skilled hands in sheltered workshops. And to share these stories, you will find a sparkling card in every Christmas package.

But that's not all! We offer companies the opportunity to add their own story to the Christmas package, from a warm card to even a complete magazine full of experiences.

It's no wonder that we have been joyfully providing Christmas hampers for local business heroes for many years. Their pride and ours merge into a festive celebration!

What makes the Haarlem Christmas packages extra fun?


When making our Christmas packages, we pay attention to the small details that make the difference. In this way, the package not only radiates care and attention, but also shows that colleagues and business associates are personally appreciated.


Nowhere else will you find a concept that is so original and excellently executed. Every entrepreneur has their own special story, which is also shared through the Christmas packages. This makes Haarlem in a Box absolutely the most extraordinary local Christmas gift this year!


In our Christmas packages you will not find a haphazard mix of products, but a carefully curated collection of local delicacies. From nuts to specialty beer, and from Mint's to cookies!

Frequently asked questions before ordering our Haarlem Christmas packages

The number of Haarlem Christmas packages that are recommended to order is influenced by the number of employees and business connections to whom you would like to give a personal Christmas package. We usually suggest to estimate a little more generously, so that new colleagues and business partners can also enjoy such a beautiful local Christmas gift.

To ensure that your Haarlem Christmas packages are ready on time, we recommend ordering them at least 6 to 8 weeks before Christmas. This gives us and our partners the necessary space to carefully put together and deliver the packages. If the order arrives too late, you run the risk that there is not enough time to organize the Christmas packages for your company. Of course we would like to prevent that!

Certainly, that is one of the options. We are open to adding your own card or product. Moreover, we can make a combination of the available options. If you are interested in self-composed Christmas packages, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Absolutely possible! You have the option to add your own card or product to the mix through us. For example, many companies choose to include a gift voucher as a bonus.

We also offer the option to place your company logo on the box - that adds a personal touch!

You can personalize the Christmas packages during the online ordering process or by simply contacting us. We are ready for you!

In general, the minimum purchase is 15 Christmas packages.

Certainly, we give you the option to send the Christmas packages directly to the addresses of your colleagues. This can be particularly practical if your colleagues work from different locations and cannot be present in person to collect their Christmas parcels. Please note that this service does incur additional shipping costs.

Order on time and indicate your desired delivery date! We will then ensure that your Christmas packages arrive on time.

Yes, it is an option for us to have the Haarlem Christmas packages sent to various addresses. For further details about this, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Due to the use of perishable delicacies and the fact that our Christmas packages are put together by sheltered workshops, we usually do not have a physical store where you can view a sample. However, if it concerns a significant order, we can always discuss options such as an on-site visit or sending a representative sample Christmas package.

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