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Our ongoing endeavor is to bring positive influence in various directions: local entrepreneurs find with us an additional channel to offer their products, recipients of our Boxes are surprised with moments of happiness when viewing delicious contents, and we are committed to good goals such as the Food Bank. In addition, we would like to contribute to creating opportunities for people who are very capable, but may not find it easy to find a job.

Logo Haarlem in a Box

Proud entrepreneurs in the spotlight!

'Combination of opening and closing shops'

In 2017, two brothers started the City in a Box initiative with the mission to put entrepreneurs in the spotlight and to introduce the locals to all the goodies the city has to offer. This resulted in the tastiest and most original Christmas packages in town! Since then we have been collecting the tastiest artisanal products from local soil in our boxes.

In addition to supporting local entrepreneurship, we also want to support local employment. This is why we have chosen to have our packages packed at social workshops. It doesn't stop at simply collecting tasty local products. We would like to contribute to employment among the toppers who find it just a little less easy to find a job.

Local partners


Proud owner and founder of Notenzaak de Cronjé imagines himself in a nut paradise every day. Fred and his team make the tastiest freshly made nuts and peanut butter from the region. They also sell the tastiest delicacies from the region. That makes Notenzaak de Cronjé the quality store in Haarlem.

Max's Organic Mints

Max's Organic Mints is the only mint in the Netherlands that helps TO FEEL FRESH & GO GREEN at the same time. The mints are based on organic sugar and natural seasonings, without gelatin. Sounds so logical that you almost expect that to be normal, right? It is the same for Max's Mints. Goodbye artificial sweeteners, chemical flavors and gelatin. Hello nice refreshment!

Paulie's Ginger

Love, pure taste and a healthy lifestyle, that is how Paulies Ginger was created. When Paul's wife Yvonne chose a life without alcohol, he wanted to make the very best non-alcoholic drink for her. And what a success! After a long search, Paul created the ultimate ginger drink. Not only his wife is in love with it, it is a loving healthy drink of many!

The Haarlem Baker

De Haarlemse Bakker is the bakery in Haarlem. As a family business, they work with motivated employees with a lot of passion and love. The Master Bakers work day and night using only the best raw materials to create a wide range of delicious specialties. In our Haarlem Christmas packages you will find one of these specialties in the form of Christmas wreaths.

Den's Liquor Store

At Den's liquor store in Haarlem they do everything they can to be not only a nice and cozy liquor store, but also a professional liquor store. Enthusiasm, knowledge, passion for the 'drink' product in general and always looking for something new or special. This drive has ensured that Den's own liqueurs have also come onto the market. These delicious liqueurs can currently only be found in the store and in a Haarlem in a Box.

Vinites Wine Trade

Wine importer and family business Vinites was founded in 1979 by wine lover and owner Eddy de Boer. Eddy left Italy with the mission to conquer the hearts of Dutch wine drinkers with Italian wines. And what a success! With a professional, passionate and service-oriented team of wine lovers, they are active in the entire Dutch market from Haarlem. With Haarlem to Hope wine as extra local pride.

Zuivelhoeve Tromp Haarlem

Kaashuis Tromp is located in the center of Haarlem. Despite being part of a national franchise, it is a proudly local store with lots of local products. Their store is visited by loyal visitors and tourists every day. Their greatest asset? Their own delicious products of course!


Coffee Or Tea? OrTea? Naturally! They prove that tea is the new cup of comfort. Unique, organic blends in ecological packaging. Have you seen their Christmas special yet?

Uiltje Brewery

The mission of Brouwerij Uiltje is more or less paranoid: brew f*cking good beer. In fact, brewing the best Dutch beer. They keep the amazing quality of their hoppy beer as high as possible. The owl has a sharp, uncompromising taste. So relax, sit back and enjoy the hoppy beer!

Jopen Brewery

In 1994, our town of Haarlem celebrated its 750th anniversary. To do justice to this once glorious brewing city, two forgotten Haarlem beers were introduced. And so the Jopen brewery, named after the large beer barrels of the past, was born. Since then, they have been enthusiastically brewing craft beer that is different from normal.

Apenzaken Brewery

Brouwerij Apenzaken is a not-for-profit brewery from Haarlem. They are committed to saving endangered monkey species to make a sustainable contribution to a better world. The specialty beer is the means, saving the monkeys is the goal. They donate their profits to organizations committed to the conservation, protection and care of endangered primates.

Roads Print and Pixels

Without Roads there would be no Haarlem in a Box. These heroes are enthusiastically committed to packing the nicest Christmas packages from Haarlem. Roads Print and Pixels is a social company. It employs people with a background in mental health care or addiction care who are busy regaining structure, daytime activities or work.

Network of entrepreneurs

Since 2017 we have been providing local Christmas hampers and promotional gifts for proud companies. To mean as much as possible, we have a large network of local entrepreneurs in cities throughout the Netherlands.